An Introduction to Dream Chaser Photographty

Welcome to the first full blog post of 2019 – I can’t believe we’re in February. I’m hoping to blog at least once a week from now and will be posting a variety of topics including hints and tips for your session, behind the scenes along with other content.

The first one, naturally is to introduce myself. I’m Sam and I live in small village in the Lune Valley just outside of Lancaster in Lancashire UK. As mentioned on my website we really are spoiled by what the countryside has to offer. We have a river running right through us, surrounded by miles of green space and woodland giving a great option for variety in photos.

I’ve always been a huge animal lover and have been lucky enough to own some lovely pets over the years. These have included Degus, Rats and currently 6 Ferrets. I also have cats and two dogs – one who is featured in my logo.

I initially started out doing drawings for people of their pets and in 2010, got my first ‘proper’ camera. It was a bridge camera and really inspired me to capture the personality of my own pets. As seen below they were always willing to pose!

I started riding at 11 years old in 2006, following on from the rest of the family and my sisters. In 2016 I was lucky enough to start loaning Cavy, the horse whose name inspired the name of my business!

If you haven’t already guessed,  life is very animal orientated and there’s nothing I enjoy more than bringing a smile to peoples faces when they see images of their dogs or horses after a photoshoot. I love taking action photos, they’re a challenge sometimes and I have been knocked over before taking them (luckily not a clients dog!) complete with a bloody nose and muddy face but it’s always worth it. So if you’re worried your dog is a bit bouncy or energetic for a photoshoot – don’t be!  

pet photography caton
You can often find me walking around the Crook O'Lune with Spud who is usally willing to pose after he has had a run!

Dream Chaser Photography

I started taking photography seriously in 2014, and have been through a few changes until I finally felt happy with the name, and where I wanted to take the business. I still get excited to go somewhere that has opportunities to be photographed as long as there are animals!

As mentioned above I do love taking action photos, they’re great to look at and sometimes you can get some funny expressions thats we might not usually see, so if the animal is good to run and jump we will definitely get action images.

I shoot outdoors. The locations we come across are gorgeous and there’s so much more we can do, and the dogs get to have a blast too. For the smaller animals I will do inside if safety is an issue but as you can see at the end of the blog with a ferret, placing them on something gives them less chance to run away!

There’s something about taking a photo and seeing it displayed. Just like when you finish an artwork and see it framed it gives it a lovely completed look. I enjoy the whole process of photography, meeting the gorgeous animals and finding out their history from their owners and having fun on our session (and I usually want to bring them all home with me!). Then when that part is over, I’m always so excited to see what we captured on the day. Once I have edited the photos, I start thinking of how they would look matted and framed, or put on metal. I can guarantee they’re always so much nicer seen in person and not on a screen! I’ll try and do a blog post on the different products I offer and why, later on!

All in all, Dream Chaser Photography provides a full service from start to finish. You want photographs of you and your horse, your dogs and cats and I want to get them for you!

For now though I’ll leave you with some older images – and it’s not just dogs and horses I take photos of!

Thought I would add a drawing too! This was my first coloured pencil piece

If you would like your own photoshoot you can email me at, or you can use the contact form!