IN FOCUS: Horse & Rider Sessions

I love to capture sweet moments between you and your horse.

If you’re a horse owner, then the Horse and Rider sessions are the perfect choice for a photoshoot with Dream Chaser Photography.

Lasting up to 3 hours, you can include one or all of your equine friends – yes that includes Donkeys! You can bring a couple of outfit changes to get   variety in your images, and we will have a look a various locations around your home or yard to get some shots.

  As animals get bored easily, I give us up to 3 hours, not only to get as many shots as we can, but also to give the horse time to relax, and have a break if needed.  You may find that your horse is less than impressed at having to stand still and ‘look pretty’ and that is expected. We work at the horses pace, and it may take them a few circles and repositioning but they get there! We can also entice them to be where we want with flowers..



Having someone to attend your shoot with you is always a good idea, as not only can they help with getting ready, but they will be great at getting your horses ears forward! Once you and the horse are in position, the final thing is to try and get the ears forward and depending on the shot, the horse looking alert. Your friend/assistant can use different techniques to get the horses attention and if they have horses too, it’ll probably come naturally to them! How many times have you been stood waving random objects, making noises and funny movements to get a nice photo of your horse?!

Of course, having ears forward isn’t a necessity in every single shot. As you know, ears tell us a lot about the horse, so we don’t worry if they’re turned to the side and relaxed. This can make a photo showing a connection even better.

Horse and rider session


   Whilst the Horse & Rider sessions are designed to capture you and your horse together, you dont HAVE to be in them all if you don’t want.  We can spend the time getting some portraits of your horse in the same way as if you were there with them.



After we have done the posed shots with you and the horse, we can then move into the stable or barn and get some black background shots. These are always effective photos, really bringing the focus onto the subject. 


You are more than welcome to bring along your family, friends and dogs to be included in the photoshoot- these are your photos and memories. Always know how your animals will react with each other though – if needed they can always be manipulated into the photo!



After your session, we will meet up again to view the photos from your session and go through your favourites. Included in the Horse & Rider sessions is a 10 x 8 matted print. Your photos are available to buy as prints, canvases, framed and metal wall art.


If you would like your own Horse & Rider session in and around the Lancaster area, be sure to send me an email at: or use the contact form.


If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!


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