Getting to Know: Sponsored Rider Lauren Heavyside

Lauren & Bobby

My first ever sponsored rider is Lauren Heavyside, a 23 year old amateur rider from Lancaster.  Her horse Bobby is a 15.3 Irish Sports horse who she has been with for two years.

Lauren started her horse journey at 8 years old the way I’m sure many can relate to – as a one off on her birthday! Then from riding every two weeks at a local riding school, she started going to ride the ponies during the week after school.

At 16, Laurens dream of buying her very own horse came true, where she was able to buy one with her own money. This attitude has followed her and in her application for a sponsorship, she stated that she currently works 2 part time jobs, to enable her to pay for her lessons and go out and compete. She is also undertaking a part time degree in chemistry!  


When Bobby came into Laurens life, he had been out of work for a couple of years and Lauren was not only looking for a horse she could have fun on but also one that would look after her. From what I saw on our session he seems to be a very sensible boy!

They are currently competing at prelim level dressage and 70/80cm showjumping. Laurens main thing she wants to do with Bobby is to have fun, and that’s what I love about their relationship! In the future she would like to take Bobby to a one day event which I’m sure they will both enjoy.

Lauren also documents her journey on her own blog, Facebook and over on Instagram! Go on and give her a like or follow to keep up to date with her day to day life with Bobby and any outings they go on!

The First Photoshoot

I met up with Lauren about a week before our first session to get to know her, meet Bobby and discuss our first session together. We looked at locations around the yard and discussed outfit choices. A black dress was mentioned and we both agreed that the black dress and grey contrast would look great! 

On the night before our shoot, the forecast wasn’t looking great for our scheduled start time of 5pm. We decided to go ahead anyway as I would only be 5 minutes around the corner if we needed to make any last minute arrangements.

I got to the yard after the final downpour, and the sun was trying really hard to get out from the clouds. We decided to do the dress shots first whilst it was still dry. We needn’t have worried though as it turned out to be a lovely evening.

After they were both ready, Lauren hopped on bareback and we went to the field to start. The sky was still quite moody but it looked great!

In our first meeting, Lauren had an idea of having one of our shoots in a fantasy feel. Well, I had to edit some of these ones in a more light tone than usual, they were just shouting for it – and I think a dedicated dreamy session will go really nicely!

After the dress images, Lauren changed into something more casual and Bobby took a break. We then used the side of the stable for a backdrop, where Bobby decided he would have a snooze, and sat Lauren on the mounting block for some more chilled photos. Lastly we did the black background shots and wrapped the session up. 

Lauren was up for everything thrown at her, and Bobby took it in his stride. I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again for our next installment!

If you would like to see what Lauren thought about her photoshoot head on over to her blog here! Be sure to follow her social media sites as she has a discount code for your very own session!

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