My Blue Eyed Boy

A few years ago we had a number of cats.. Jack, Solero, Timmy, Prince and Suki (who wasn’t really ours, she moved in from next door!) Jack, a one – eyed black with white boy, being the oldest would try and be ‘top dog’ but Solero soon took over and although they were sometimes equal, Jack never quite got his power back and Solero became known as a bit of bully within the household! He would minesweep at meal times if others hadn’t finished, and the cats he wasn’t keen on would scarper if he came too close to them, or cower in anticipation of being swatted!

What has this got to do with photography?

Well, as some may know, my photography journey started in 2010. Inspired by a beautiful little cream coloured kitten who was my pride and joy. He was a brilliant model and his blue eyes were really something, and that kick started this addictive passion.

Over the years this independent lad (but also a ‘mummys boy’) gave me some lovely images, and I doubt I would have been as into photography without him and the other pets I had to practice on.


Unfortunately, Solero was knocked over by a car on the 23rd of May, 5 minutes away from home. Some kind people had stopped any more oncoming traffic, moved him to safety and phoned the vets. The next day he was put to sleep due to his injuries. He would have been 10 this August. I can’t thank everyone who was involved enough.

You may have seen the news that a famous cat had also lost his life due to a car. Bob the streetcat, James Bowens ‘lifesaver’ died instantly from his injuries. According to the Daily Mail website, James had the same questions I’m sure every cat owner has when they find out their animal has been hit, ‘Did the driver stop? Did they even know they’d hit him? How long was Bob lying there before the passer-by saw him?’

There’s a petition online to make it mandatory to stop and report a hit cat just as you would with a dog, or livestock. Click here if you’d like to sign!


Here are my final photos taken of Solero.



The house is a lot quieter now, and its clear how much Solero would eat as the two cats we have left can’t manage to get through even a tin of meat a week! You could always count on Solero to clear his dish.. and everyone else’s!

I’m always stressing to people they should take photos of their pets as, without sounding too gloomy, you never know how much time you have with them and photos are so important!

2010 – Showing off his soft side, a few months old. He would jump up to me from the ground as a kitten and continued it throughout his life.

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