Dream Chaser Photography is built around the fact that everyone has dreams, and for many, it was to own a pony or a dog – I love to celebrate the fact they have achieved a dream by taking photos of those animals! For others it’s building a successful business, and I aim to help them with that by creating images to go on their social media or websites. Dream Chaser is also the name of the lovely horse above – he is featured on my logo – so he plays a big part.

Photographs have always been a big part of my life, and like I’m sure a lot of you, many evenings have been spent since childhood looking through boxes and albums of photos. I grew up when we were still developing photos from film and digital wasn’t at the forefront of everything, and I hope to continue being able to sit round a table sharing memories in the physical form! 

My animals first started my photographic journey, being the most willing models in return for some treats! I enjoyed everything about it as a teenager and as I have grown have continued to love the process of capturing some brilliant moments of animals, whether that’s portraits or action photos!  

I’m lucky enough to have experience with a variety of animals; from rats and ferrets to dogs and horses through my own pets so I understand that each one is a member of the family – which is why every animal is welcome to be photographed by myself.