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Project 52 – Week 35 – Brown

Project 52 – Week 35 – Brown

Welcome to the blog circle! This week we focus on brown and luckily, I have a brown dog and ferret :). However, I didn’t just take photos of them in any environment, I found brown to use with them, Spud almost blends into the sofa!

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Project 52 – Week 28 – Head Tilt

Project 52 – Week 28 – Head Tilt

This week we are looking at head tilts.

Spud used to do a good head tilt when he was younger and I tried to give it a cue, which he gets, but it’s usually a half effort! His best ones usually are when I don’t have a camera handy!

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Project 52 – Week 27: By a Nose

Project 52 – Week 27: By a Nose

Happy Friday!

If you have not read one of my blogs before, this is a weekly blog circle for professional pet photographers. Each week we are given a theme, and we take photos of the theme. I usually use my puppy, Spud, but this week I can take advantage of most of my animals!

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Project 52 – Week 13: A Day in the Life

Project 52 – Week 13: A Day in the Life

Another fun blog post this week. Capturing ‘ a day in the life’

At the moment, a daily routine with Spud consists of getting him used to lots of different things and training.

We usually start the day on average at 6/7am, sometimes earlier. He has his breakfast, and after he’s finished goes back to sleep until Bailey comes down.


The day before I had taken these photos we did our first off lead walking and had puppy socialisation in the evening, so lots for him to take in. Knowing he doesn’t go too crazy off lead I let him ‘off ‘as soon as it was safe (I have a long line trailing behind just in case on the cycle track but in fields he’s completely free as I know he’s ok)



Being off lead does of course mean he can get himself muddy!

The track is a great place for him to meet new dogs and people and he was introduced to two 18month Boxers who were bigger than he expected but he handled it really well after initially trying to hide. I’m always appreciative of people stopping to talk to him, with or without dogs.

Next I went to do some recall training, and a few ‘leave it’s’. He’s doing really well and even found a tennis ball, so win – win for him! IMG_2319


One thing he didn’t expect was the noise Geese make.. A tractor had crossed the river and sent two Geese who were resting flying. I thought they were going to come and get us, and I think Spud did too! IMG_2367


Once home, he had a rest and time for lunch. Another great opportunity for training as he is learning to wait after his bowl is placed.


My niece was here so I expected him to be hyped up, but he was good and took himself off to sleep when he wanted to. Afternoons I make sure he gets as much sleep as he can if he’s had a busy morning, and if needed, we play games or learn tricks in the evening to keep his mind busy.


After that it’s bed time for a well deserved proper sleep!

Next up we have Little White Dog Pet Photography – Sioux Falls, SD

Project 52 – Week 12: Revisit & Re-Edit

Quite a fitting theme this week. We get to re-edit photos or try out different editing techniques. Last week I took our old boy out to test my 70-200 2.8 and hadn’t bothered editing it too much. It was suggested to warm it up and push the colours by fellow photographers!

blog poist

This then gave me the confidence to have a play with this next image. There was something I really liked about the photo and as the colours were pretty much already there, I just went a bit further with them!



Revisiting old photos that I had edited and to how I would edit them with the above in mind, I’ve gone back to 2016 and a lovely boy called Merlin.


merlin nlog


So, which do you prefer? The warmer or originals?

Next up is Central MN based About A Dog Photography

Project 52  – Week 11: Favourite Song

Project 52 – Week 11: Favourite Song

What a difficult theme this week!

I almost backed out of this one, but with some encouragement from fellow circle members I decided to give it a go. These are in no way brilliant as I was completely stumped. I don’t really have a favourite song, and if I did I wouldn’t know where to start in combining it into pet photography!

Stuck, I decided to look at my Spotify playlist and picked some songs that may work. After editing, I’m left with just the two; ‘Teach Me Tonight’ and ‘Funhouse’.

Teach Me Tonight is an ‘oldie’, but covered by loads of different artists. It was published in 1953, 41 years before I was born. I have a trick book, and thought teaching.. that will do! Spud is learning that the desk is where he sits and looks pretty which is good!



This is definitely my favourite. It either looks like he’s written it, or signed it.

Obviously learning is tiring work.. here’s a little outtake – you can see I had Prince to battle with too as he thinks it’s his job to be a model!dfsfs.jpg

The ‘Funhouse’ song by P!nk is one that’s fun – especially live – but the reason I chose this song is because of the lyrics, ‘Oh, I’m crawling through the doggy door
My key don’t fit my lock no more’ and Spud has an obsession with the cat flap.. so not exactly a ‘doggy door’ but he’s crawling through it!


Little White Dog Pet Photography – Sioux Falls, SD might have a better interpretation of the theme – check it out!





A little bonus – look at his expression, I think he found a trick that was a bit too adventurous for him! fre



Project 52 – Week 10: Minimalist

Project 52 – Week 10: Minimalist

Welcome back to the weekly blog.

The theme is minimalist, and whilst I initially thought it would be quite a challenge. I did remember that I had grey walls and a white desk which might help!

I love outdoor images and was wondering how to do a minimalist photo in our garden.. I think it’d probably looked nice on a dock or wide bridge – neither of which I have in the garden! Spud sat down in the shadows on the path, so I over exposed the background which helps! webb


Still not as clean as I had wanted though, so I took him back in and used the desk and wall.


Then to be even more minimalistic, off came the collar.





To see more minimalism visit Linda from VP Shoots Photography servicing the Tampa Bay area

Until next week!

Project 52 – Week 9: Wide Angle

Project 52 – Week 9: Wide Angle

A fun theme this week as we explore wide angle, I can’t wait to see what people have come up with as there are so many possibilities. Most of my ideas went out the window but I have a few!

We were told to use the widest length we had to hand – the widest focal length I can use is at 18mm so all photos have been shot at that length.

We’ve had sun all week, with snow, and very cold temperatures! Apart from the cold, these are brilliant shooting conditions!

Here’s my model in training, Spud. He’s a Lab x Collie and a complete natural in front of the camera! We can’t go out properly yet, as he has had his injections late but I can’t wait  to get him out and about. For now though we can use the garden.

I found it very hard to shoot wide angle in landscape when shooting blind so I opted for portrait with them as it was much easier. Also being low to the ground makes him look quite bigger, a good way to change the perspective when using wide angle. I did imagine being on the beach and getting lovely photos there.



Using wide angles allows more of the environment to be captured, however I don’t particularly think the garden is as nice as it is in summer! If we were out on location it would be a different story! For this next image the background was the house, and I really didn’t want to leave this image out but didnt like the house. I borrowed a background from here and found it much better, it was still with the 18mm!


One landscape example shows how much of the scene you can fit in, can you spot the hidden friend? web d

Going wide also gives you more chance to capture a sequence of shots too!





Of course going wide means you can get fun shots like this!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks blog from me. Head on to our next contributor, Nancy Kieffer Photography serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and beyond

Project 52 – Week 8: Silhouette

Bailey features again!

The theme is silhouette, and although I only have two images, they are silhouettes!



One thing that always makes me laugh with Bailey are his little pig ears! I wonder if people could tell his breed by the silhouette? Always a fun game!

Next week there should be some more images as we play with wide angles…

A short and sweet post, but head on over to our next contributor to the circle –  Lynda Mowat from Heartstrings Photography in Hamilton New Zealand. 

Project 52 – Week 7: Year of the Dog

Project 52 – Week 7: Year of the Dog

Dog lovers! It’s your week!

2018 is the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac and the next one isn’t until 2030! Whilst researching this topic over here, I also discovered I was born into the Year of the Dog in 1994. I spent a lot of time on the website which I found very interesting!

Back to the blog. This week I really wanted to scout some pretty dogs out, however my Mum’s dog Bailey decided to give himself a makeover so it’ll be about him!

He was born in 2006, the runt of the litter, and still at the bottom of the pecking order in the house today! He doesn’t like the camera very much but if there’s a decent enough treat he’ll cooperate!

First I want to show some older photos so you can see how plain faced he used to be! I love the old dog look, but sometimes it does look weird on photos with him! Excuse my awful skills, I didn’t take many photos back then! These start mainly from 2010! (Going through choosing photo’s and I’ve had to stop myself as it would have been photo overload before even showing the ones from this week!)


And finally, here are this weeks photos!





I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Baileys transition! For more dogs, follow the blog circle round starting with Elaine Tweedy of I Got The Shot Photography, serving pets and their people in Northeastern PA