Frequently Asked Questions

My dog will need to be on lead, is that a problem?

During the editing process I can remove any leads if needed so don’t worry if you can’t have your dog off lead during the session. Collars are preferred over harnesses as it makes it easier to touch up! I will guide you how to position your lead.

She’s a little timid around strangers but I really want a photoshoot, how would this work?

We know when our animals are stressed and we try and avoid ever making them that way, and this doesn’t change on a photoshoot. Some dogs don’t feel comfortable around new people, and some don’t like cameras!   I don’t have to be in your dog’s space at any point, my equipment will allow me to photograph them from a distance, but I will always let the animal suss me out in their own time. Patience is one of the most important things when working with animals!

What should I bring with me, and how should I prepare?

Dogs usually love to play, but there are a few who aren’t interested in toys at all! Treats are a good substitute. If they do like to play, feel free to bring as many toys as you wish. Partners/friends are welcome too if you think your dog might need a little extra help! If we are not near a water source, be sure to bring some along for them, as well as poo bags! Should your dog need to be kept on a lead, long black thin one will work for them. Collars are preferred over harnesses to show your dog off when on lead but if you don’t have a problem with them in your photos, feel free to keep it on!

Long haired breeds may need grooming prior to the session to make them look smart, but also be sure that their eyes are visible, we connect with eyes and we like to see them in photos! Bring something to wipe their eyes with if they are usually a ‘teary’ dog.

For horses, give them a good groom, smarten manes and tails and make their white bits, white (little stains won’t matter if they can’t be bathed!) You may wish to plait your horse for the extra smart look. If you are using tack, give that a quick wipe over and have a sponge ready on the day to touch up and clean the horses mouth/eyes etc whilst we are shooting. A helper would come in handy to wave their arms and make noises to get those ears up!

Can I be included in the photos?

Of course! Owners are more than welcome to join in. If you are booking the Equine Session, I will be on hand to help you with any styling choices.

What happens after the session?

I will contact you to arrange a date for your viewing and ordering session. This is always an exciting part as you get to see your photos and I get to see your reaction! We will go through your photos and select your favourites to turn into wall art. To help you prepare, art such as canvases, metal and framed prints start from £45 and we have some stunning products to choose from. Payment options are available so don’t worry if you don’t have the full funds there and then, although a small deposit is required.